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Hailey Baldwin always goes for the no makeup look

Models, singers, and actresses are known for bringing their beauty A-game during premieres and red carpet events. While these stars know how to make a statement with their glam looks, they also know how to keep things au naturel. From Demi Lovato to Adriana Lima, scroll through to see our favorite celebs embracing the natural side. 

Hailey Baldwin

Despite being a supermodel, Justin Bieber's wife loves to rock her natural beauty. The 22-year-old is not shy about sharing her bared face on social media, while promoting body positive messages.

Adriana Lima shoes her face au naturel after working out

Adriana Lima

This ex Victoria's Secret model was a pioneer in showing herself au naturel on social media, creating a whole "no makeup" trend amongst other models and celebrities. To help improve the texture of her skin, Adriana drinks coconut water, açai juices full of antioxidants, and she swears by the serum her dermatologist gives her.

Beyoncé knows that all women are beautiful


This businesswoman/singer knows all women are beautiful. This is a very clear message that she has taken upon herself to send by setting an example of how one can show herself au naturel. Without a drop of makeup, Beyonce is on the forefront of the fresh-faced revolution. 

Alessandra Ambrosio follows the steps of Adriana Lima and she goes au naturel

Alessandra Ambrosio 

Another ex Victoria's Secret model that followed in the steps of Adriana Lima, is Alessandra Ambrosio. The Brazilian beauty shows off her clean face every chance she gets. Even though seeing Alessandra without makeup was just something photographer were able to do some years ago, now she posts her own photos online, showing her beautiful and angelic face.

Jennifer López separates her skin care and the life of glamour

Jennifer López

Jenny from the Bronx has a team of makeup artists that work to highlight her Latinx beauty. But despite her glam squad, the mother-of-two embraces her true beauty from time to time. When JLo is not on the red carpets or recording hits, she's giving her face a break from all the heavy makeup.
Kendall Jenner shad acne and, after getting her confidence back, she shares it
© @kendalljenner

Kendall Jenner

Though Kendall used to suffer from acne, the realty TV star has embraced her flaws by sharing makeup free photos with her 116 million followers. "I didn't think the day in which I would upload a no-makeup photo would come," she wrote last March on her social media. 

Gwyneth Paltrow has a website focused on health

Gwyneth Paltrow

At 46, this actress has beautiful skin and a spotless face which is in no need of any makeup. Gwyneth celebrated her 44th birthday by "wearing no makeup, accepting her past and her future." 

Demi Lovato bounced back and now she's happy of her natural look

Demi Lovato

This Mexican singer has come back from the ashes to send a powerful message: love yourself no matter what. Demi's recovery has been on all fronts, and it shows the great self-esteem that she has for herself. She left people's opinions, criticism, and Photoshop behind.

Kylie Jenner, despite owning a makeup brand, goes au naturel

Kylie Jenner

She is one of the world's youngest billionaires thanks to her makeup emporium. Despite having best-selling products, she takes any chance she gets to go natural. At times, Kylie sheds her makeup and glamour to let her pores clear up so she can show off her natural face.

Sofía Vergara has one of the most beautiful Latinx faces, and she shows it off with no shame

Sofía Vergara

Let's face it: With or without makeup, the Modern Family actress is a stunner. At 47-years-old, this full-browed beauty has definitely discovered the fountain of youth.  
Gal Gadot is a powerful woman who stands for women empowerment and beauty
© @gal_gadot

Gal Gadot

When you're Wonder Woman, you don't need to be in full glam to save the world. In 2017, thanks to her great role on the live-action film, we got to learn more about Gal Gadot. Aside from being a great actress, Gal is a mother of two girls, an honorary ambassador to women's and girls' empowerment before the UN, and an overall great human being. 
Cameron Diaz tiene un libro donde revela el secreto de un rostro maravilloso
© @camerondiaz

Cameron Díaz

Through her New York Times bestseller The Longevity Book, the 47-year-old has inspired other women to achieve a flawless complexion in the most natural way possible. 

Blake Lively shares mant photos without an ounce of makeup

Blake Lively

She is thought to be one of the world's most beautiful women, but what definitely shows her beauty is her perennial smile and her sense of humour — something no makeup could ever hide. 
Alicia Keys gave up makeup in 2016
© @aliciakeys

Alicia Keys

The singer is not hiding behind any kind of makeup. During the MTV Awards in 2016, Alicia made headlines after she revealed she was embracing the all-natural look. "We all get to a part of our lives (especially girls) where we want to be perfect (...) Before starting work on my new album, I wrote a list of all the things that I was sick of. One of those was the amount of women that have been brainwashed to feel that we have to be slim, sexy, desirable, or perfect. One of the things that I hated the most was being made feel like our normal szes aren't normal, and God forbit if you are a plus-size. Their message is always realted to being naked," Alicia said when talking about choosing not to wear makeup. 
Thalía has an angelic face and she shows it off whenever she can
© @thalia


At 48, the mother-of-two proves she is still a true beauty queen —with or without makeup. Her face is one of the industry's most beautiful and she is not afraid of embracing the natural side. 

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